Hey beautiful people, hope you are all recovering well from the Valentines day well I didn’t do anything as I was just home with the Family updating the blog and doing some other things around the house.

Now let’s talk MONOCHROME! Monochrome does mean shades of one colour but it’s also a term for black and white photography so I suspect that’s where fashion has “borrowed” the meaning from.


Yes, I am fully aware is still very much winter but hey Fashion waits for no woman. This whole black and white thing is so easy to put together and I love it for the following reason:


  1. It gives you a classic look and its timeless even the fashion gurus are not dictating how you should wear it, you can style it anyhow to suit your taste or style.
  2. You probably have pieces in your wardrobe all you need to do is just put them together nicely.
  3. It always look smart no matter what the occasion is or time of day, just get a black and white ensemble and you’re good to go.


4.The monochrome look is very easy to accessories and if you feeling funky you can splash with colour.

5. Lastly, you can embrace this trend now as is still very cold. Layer with coats or tights and then strip off those layers in the coming months for a spring look.



Which Look is your Favourite?


Picture 1

Bodysuit : H&M

White Leggings: marksandspencer

Jacket (old): H&M

Accessories (old): forever21

Bag: zara

Shoes: Ego


Picture 2

Crop Top: ZARA

Skirt: H&M

Shoes: Primark


Picture 3

Shirt: M&S

Boots: Publicdesire

Bag: M&S

Watch: M&S


Picture 4

White Crop top: Forever21

Black Pant: H&M

Shoes: Ego

Long Armless Coat: Random High street

Accessories (old): Forever21






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